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About YummyVibe African American Phone Chat is the best way to phone chat with like-minded African American adults 18 years or older in your local area (and beyond). We provide live African American phone chat that can be used to connect, converse, and/or date.

We boast some of the most advanced phone chat and computer technology available, and currently serve more than 2,000 communities / cities across the country. To be honest, we're easily one of largest "social chat" services around, and have experienced success because we are very good at what we do - connect like-minded adults.

Through our interactive chat line service, members can connect with other like-minded adults, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Members can send and receive messages, and ONLY connect with those people that they WANT to connect with. This makes YummyVibe a very secure and discreet chat line service (our members private phone numbers are never revealed to others - we're very serious about security).

So if you are in the mood to reach out and chat with a sexy single about something that's important to you, give YummyVibe a try. You can record a new greeting each time you call and hear different people on the line each time. It depends on what you want right now: You can be quietly romantic one night, and get down and dirty the next. It's up to you.

Who We Are

YummyVibe is a division of Social Networking Service, one of the largest "social chat" companies in the business. Based out of Nevada, we develop and deliver voice-enabled services for social networking and entertainment throughout North America, aimed at many different ages and interests. As a result of our efforts, our members can easily connect, listen, send, receive and create original personal content - day and night. We're discreet, and we're professional, and we understand that people want to connect.

We've spent millions of dollars and literally tens of thousands of working hours to ensure that our users can fully enjoy our wide range of information and entertaining services whenever they wish. And virtually every day, our client base increases..

Throughout all of this, we're never one to be satisfied with the status quo. We constantly keep ourselves on the cutting edge of technology, and quickly integrate them into our platform. By continually introducing new and exciting interactive services, we're committed to discovering better ways of catering to our members' communication needs..

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